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N.C. residents warned not to plant unsolicited foreign seed sent to them


Posted 5:54 pm, 07/29/2020

Homie, you've proven time and time again based on what you think is funny that you have no concept that for something to be funny, it has to make sense. Number 2 has yet to make a coherent post.


Posted 3:51 pm, 07/29/2020

New2 - you are funny! I'm enjoying your posts, especially the last one 😆


Posted 3:30 pm, 07/29/2020

Yeah, but as usual, no one cares.

For most people, the midget-thronged Wizard of OZ film results in a trip down memory lane.

But for fins, it results in a bottle of hand moisturizer and a box of Kleenex.


Posted 3:20 pm, 07/29/2020

Those aren't from amazon. Amazon works hard to keep their sellers legit. Truth is, you had no idea that people have amazon stores.


Posted 1:57 pm, 07/29/2020

New2 - I knew what you were saying. Sometimes what you see on Amazon is a lie.


Posted 1:37 pm, 07/29/2020

More drunky lawyering.

Many statements on Amazon are untrue. Good enough?


Posted 1:03 pm, 07/29/2020

No, you said amazon lies. With most listings, amazon has no knowledge of them or the actual product unless you report it.


Posted 12:56 pm, 07/29/2020

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

I was making the related point that increasingly, more and more of our seeds are coming from China.


Posted 10:30 am, 07/29/2020

Commissioner Troxler and his Department are on the front lines in our war with the ChiComms.


Posted 10:27 am, 07/29/2020

Amazon isn't the retailer for most of the stuff on their site. Most is being sold by independent retailers, like eBay stores. So amazon has no control over it the seller is shipping what they actually list.


Posted 9:00 am, 07/29/2020

I ordered some seeds for italian garlic and got Chinese garlic seeds sent from China instead. Sometimes, Amazon lies.

Moscow Mitch

Posted 8:18 am, 07/29/2020

So now everyone will definitely keep it just because the Government wants it.

Dept of Agriculture

Posted 3:08 am, 07/29/2020

North Carolina residents who have received seed shipments that they did not order from China or other foreign sources are advised not to plant these seeds because they could be a pathway for introduction of invasive species, insects and plant diseases.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has been contacted by numerous people who have received the seeds, which are likely the product of an international internet scam known as "brushing." "According to the Better Business Bureau, foreign, third-party sellers use your address and Amazon information to generate a fake sale and positive review to boost their product ratings," said Phil Wilson, director of the Plant Industry Division.

"Seeds are just one of the items used in this scam, however, you could receive other inexpensive items such as rubber bands, plastic toys, or empty bags." This type of international shipment of plant material is unlawful and NCDA&CS asks anyone who received one of these unsolicited foreign shipments to save the contents along with all shipping labels and contact the Plant Industry Division toll free at 800-206-9333 or email at newpest@ncagr.gov. Plant Industry staff will contact you to gather information and pick up the package.

North Carolina residents are not in violation of any regulations if they received these shipments, but they are the key to identifying and stopping future shipments.

Note from GoNC: since this announcement is statewide, I am copying it to every GoNC site.

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